How do I add a new client?

How do I add a new client?

To add clients, you need to go to the Clients tab and click the "Add Client" button:

The first screen asks you to provide basic information about the client. All information, but "About the company," is required. Then, click Continue:

You need to provide demographic information about the client on the second screen. You will need to enter the industries served by the client, the regions they are working on, and the countries (optional):

Click the "Add" button to save the client.
If you are the company admin, the client will be added, and its status will be "Approved":

If you are a manager or partner, the client will be added as "Pending" you will receive a message saying that the admin needs to approve the client: 

and the admin will receive a notification to approve the client:

The admin will also have a new item in the "To Approve" list:

The admin will review and approve or reject the client: 

If the client is approved, its status will change to approved, and the requester will receive a notification of the approval.

If the client is rejected, The admin will have to enter a reason for that:

and the manager/partner will receive a notification with the reason:

And the client will be deleted.
The next step is to enter the contacts for the clients. The contacts will be people that will be receiving the surveys. 
The contact management is explained here.

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