Business Overview

Business Overview

ConPulse Business Overview offers a summary of your Business through four sections. All metrics are displayed based on the period you select from the bar on the top:

You can see the information from the last 3, 6, or 12 months. You also can see all the information you have in ConPulse, or you can get a custom view for a selected period.

In the first section, you have a summary of all activities:

Here you can see:
  1. The total revenue, in millions.
  2. The number of clients.
  3. The number of projects.
  4. The number of capabilities served in the projects.
  5. The number of industries served in the projects.
  6. The number of regions served by the projects.
  7. The average number of projects per partner.
  8. The average turnover per partner, in millions.
  9. The average length of projects, in days.
  10. The average size of the projects, in millions.

The second section offers a view of the Revenue Trend and the Revenue by Region.

Here, you can find the increase (or decrease) of your company's revenue in a given period to help you make decisions for the future. It also shows how your revenue was distributed over the different regions of the world. You can hover over the charts to see more details.

Next, in the third section, you have the Revenue and the Business over the period charts:

You can analyze your revenue by four different views on the Revenue chart. You can see by Projects, Clients, Capabilities, and Industries. Just select the desired view on the dropdown list. On the business over the period chart, we map new business with new clients, news business with existing clients, and sequels of projects with existing clients in millions. You can also check the cumulative chart box and see the same graph with cumulative values. To see more details, hover the mouse over the charts.

The last section of the report shows the Revenues by Client and the Revenue by Projects:

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