How to manage the company settings?

How to manage the company settings?

Step-by-Step guide for managing a consulting firm account with ConPulse

These settings are only available for the company administrator.

To manage a consulting firm profile, set up an account first.

If you already have an account, follow the below steps to manage the consulting firm account.

Click on the "Settings" button (the gear on the left sidebar):


1) Company Details

It will show the settings for your company, and the first option is the "Company Details" Screen.

If you want to change any information, click on "Edit." When done, click on "Save."

2) Demographics

The next option is the "Demographics":

The first screen is about "Industries Served." Here, you can select all the industries that your company serves. If you want to remove any industry, click on the "x" beside its name. When you are done, click "Next" to go to the "Capabilities."

Here the same principle applies; you select all your company's capabilities. Again, if you want to remove any capability, click on the "x" beside its name. When you are done, click "Next" to go to the "Geographies."

Geographies refer to the regions and countries where your company has a presence. Not only the offices but also the markets that the company serves. After you finish modifying the demographics, click "Save."

The company administrator chooses the demographics. Managers and Partners can use only the demographics selected by the company administrator. 

3) Organizational Unit

Next, you have "Organizational Unit," where you can add your Organizational Tags and Brand.

Again, only the company administrator can add organizational tags and brands. Managers and Partners can use the ones created by the company administrator. 

4) Reschedule Survey

The next option is "Reschedule Survey."

Here you can set the number of times you want to allow partners to reschedule the survey. Click "Save" to make it permanent.

5) Manage Subscription

The last option allows you to manage your subscription in Conpulse.

The subscription process is explained here

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