How to add a project?

How to add a project?

Step by step guide for creating projects with ConPulse

To access your projects, click on "Projects" on the sidebar on the left side of the page. To create a project, click on "Add Project."

A sliding screen appears with all the necessary information for creating the project. The first screen asks for basic information about the project.

Project Name, Client, Project Type, Budget, Starting Date, and Ending Date are required fields. The others are optional.  Click "Continue". 

On the Demographic tab, you must enter the Industries Served, the Capabilities, the Region(s) where the project was executed, the Organization Tags, and the Brands. Countries are the only optional information. Click "Continue"


The last tab is the "Contact Details." You need to select the Partner responsible for the project and add at least the Main Contact. You need to add the contacts to the clients before using them on projects; The selected contacts will receive the survey. 

When you are done, click "Add" to save the information.

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