How do I add users?

How do I add users?

This feature is only available to administrators.

To access the user's tab, click on the "Users" icon on the left sidebar.

To create a user, click on "Add User."

A sliding menu appears with all the necessary information for the creation of the profile :

You can fill in the empty fields, which are all mandatory.

Click "Continue," and you will go to the next screen where you have to select the organizational tags and the brand for the user:


You can go back at any time or cancel the entry.

After entering all the information, click "Add," and your user will receive an invitation email. This process is described here

The user will have the status "Pending" until he accepts the invitation:

If the user takes some time to respond, you can send the email invitation again by clicking on the envelope icon. 

Once the user accepts the invitation and connects to Conpulse, the status will change to "Active":

You will have to repeat the same operation for each user you want to create. You (as the admin) will be able to delete or modify the registered users as long as the user is not associated with any client or project. In the latter case, you will only be able to disable it.

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