What happens after I send the survey?

What happens after I send the survey?

After you send the survey, the client's contacts for the project will receive an email with a brief description of the survey process and a link to complete the survey:

When the client clicks the link, it will be redirected to a page to enter the OTP (One Time Password) for the survey:

The user will receive another email with the code:

The user will copy and paste the code on the page and click "Submit." It will be redirected to the survey's landing page:

The user has to click "Let's Get Started." 

After answering all questions, a message will appear on the screen marking the end of the process:

The user will receive a thank you email, and the project's performance score will be calculated:

To learn about the scorecard, see this article.

An automatic reminder is sent to the user if he does not answer the survey in seven days and after fourteen days. The content of the reminder is:

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