How to start a trial on Conpulse?

How to start a trial on Conpulse?

The trial period of Conpulse allows you to test the tool with almost real data, where you can see how the platform works and see all the reports with valuable data.
Some features are only available when you subscribe to Conpulse 
  1. Add new users from your company - this feature is only available after subscribing.
  2. Sending Survey - this feature is only available after subscribing.

All the o the other features are available for you to test and see that Conpulse is the right fit for your company.
  1. Add clients
  2. Add projects
  3. See all the excellent reports available to you. They help you;
    1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
    2. Improve your Customers' Experience, mapping your customers' satisfaction along the key dimensions.
    3. Use direct feedback to inspire actions to improve performance, expertise, and behaviors.
    4. Continuously monitor Customer Relationships.
    5. Showcase Your Performance
  4. The Information you add can also be used after you subscribe to conpulse.

To create a ConPulse account and start the trial period:

1) Go to the Conpulse landing page (

2) Click on the "Try for Free" button:

3) Enter your email and password:


4) A verification mail will be sent to your email.

      Verify your email by clicking on 'verify your email' or copy-paste the link provided in the email in your browser. (kindly do check your spam folder if the mail doesn't arrive in your inbox)



5) The system will create your sandbox data:

6) You will be redirected to the Dashboard:

The dashboard has a summary of your company. You can find an explanation of each dashboard section here.

You are now registered to ConPulse and can start using the app.

The first thing you should do is complete your profile.

You can find the article explaining your profile here.

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