How does the trial work ?

How does the trial work ?

When you create your account on Conpulse, you have full access to all our app features for 30 days. Your account will be populated with sandbox data to see all the reports and screens with almost real data.
See the steps to start the trial period here
When you log in to Conpulse, you see the main page with the button menu and the dashboard where you can access all features:

On the main page, you have: 

  1. The banner reminds you of the number of days left on your trial period.
  2. The menu to access all pages on Conpulse:
    1.  Dashboard: this button brings you back to the dashboard when you are seeing other pages.
    2.  Users: Manage the Users here. To know more about the user's page, see these articles.
    3.  Clients: Manage the Clients here. To know more about the client's page, see these articles.
    4.  Projects: Manage the Projects here. To know more about the project's page, see these articles.
    5.  Reports: Access Conpulse's reports here. To know more about the reports, see these articles.
    6.  Knowledge Base: Opens this Knowledge Base.
    7.  Settings: Manage the company's settings. To know more about the settings, see this article.
  3. The Dashboard. There are two dashboards, one for the admin and another for the manager/partner. To learn about the dashboards, read these articles.
  4. Help Center Conpulse: You can also find the answer to your questions here. Access the knowledge base without leaving the app. Access the community forum and get answers from other users. Chat with us to solve any problems or leave a suggestion about Conpulse.

Once the trial period is over, you have to subscribe to Conpulse to keep access to your data. The subscription process is described here.

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